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Graphic Design, Corporate Logos, Letterheads and Stationery, Company Brochures, Menus and Forms, Newsletters, Printing Services, Website Design, Hosting and Maintenance, Marketing and Advertising, Social Media

Getting Your Website Started

Campo Online Web Site Options Start at $159
Campo Online provides a comprehensive solution to the web site problems faced by most professionals, industries and businesses. With Web Sites by Campo Online you have a true custom designed site with your custom content, specifically designed to give your visitors information relevant to your business, industry or practice. Likewise, we can construct an array of interactive features that will attract business, give you important information about your market, educate your client/customer/patient base, generate new clients and garner goodwill. We design your web site with content specifically composed to enhance your positioning on the search engines by utilizing techniques recognized by the search engine spiders. That way not only will you have an incredible new site, we can help get it seen! Lastly, your site is custom designed in order to make sure your visitors know exactly who you are, what you do and how you can help them.

Business Card Site - Starts at $159
The Business Card Site is our most economical site. Starting at $159 for a one page site. Updates to your one page Business Card Site are billed at $85 an hour.

40 MG of disk space
16 GB of Bandwidth
1 FTP Account
Easy to use Control Panel (If you wish to do it yourself)
StatCounter Web Stats
5 free e-mail addresses, POP forwarding & web based access (Additional e-mail accounts may be purchased for $1 / Month.)

Brochure Site - Starts at $649
This style is very popular and typically would include a "Home" page introducing your business, an "About Us" page briefly outlining your products or services and a "Contact Us" page with information about how to contact you. Anything you could get into a trifold marketing pamphlet you can get into this 4-5 page site. At $649 the Brochure Site is a great value.

400 MG of disk space
40 GB of Bandwidth
10 FTP Accounts
Easy to use Control Panel (If you wish to do it yourself)
StatCounter Web Stats
10 free e-mail addresses, POP forwarding & web based access (Additional e-mail accounts may be purchased for $1 / Month.)

Small Business Site - Starts at $959
This style can have up to 20 customized pages.

4000 MG of disk space
80 GB of Bandwidth
50 FTP Accounts
Easy to use Control Panel (If you wish to do it yourself)
StatCounter Web Stats
100 free e-mail addresses, POP forwarding & web based access

Full Business Site - Starts at $1459

Up to 50 pages

10000 MG of disk space
180 GB of Bandwidth
Unlimited FTP Account
Easy to use Control Panel (If you wish to do it yourself)
StatCounter Web Stats
Unlimited free e-mail addresses, POP forwarding & web based access

What Are Stats?
Statistic reports give you the ability to find out how many people are visiting your site, where they are coming from, how long they are staying, what pages they are viewing and more.

Website Updates

All Web Styles except the Business Card Site include 2 hours free updates per month, $65/hr. thereafter - Non-profits (501c3 only) $35/hr.

Domain Registration is $30 per year per domain

Domain Hosting starts at $599 per year - This requires a contract to be signed for hosting services provided by Campo Online via A2 Hosting.

Included in your customized site template:
• Graphic design including your logo adapted for the site
• Main navigation
• Bottom navigation
• Side & supplemental navigation (as needed)
• Copyright notice
• Contact information
• Contact Us
• Privacy Policy
• Links
• FAQ's
• Site Map or Table of Contents
• Printer Friendly pages when necessary
• Site statistics

Optional features
• Email form
• Newsletter sign-up
• Customized forms

Sites hosted by Campo Online can also include
• Customized error pages Web Calendar
• Additional forms
• Social Media Links

Web Hosting Plan Details

Website Updates By Request of Client - Up to 2 hours of service per month can include content updates, creation of graphical elements, photo optimization, new pages, trouble shooting and staff support. The addition of new software features may also be considered as part of the plan. Updates will be posted within three business days unless otherwise indicated. Some restrictions may apply depending upon the quantity of work to be performed. All notifications of an update must be made in writing, preferably via email or through our website. The client will receive an email notification upon the receipt of the work request and one when the work request has been completed. Hours are non-transferable.

Links Checked – Broken and outdated links will be fixed or removed.
Error logs will also be monitored where applicable. Error log monitoring may be contingent upon the availability of the error logs by the web host. All sites hosted by Campo Online will include error log monitoring.

Search Engine Placement – Target keywords will be identified and implemented.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Strategies to increase rankings will be identified, suggested and implemented. SEO is a strategic plan to maximize search engine placement over time. High rankings can be contingent upon good design, the site's credibility on the subject, the organization of its content, keyword rich content, and the number of external sites of higher rank that link to the website. Higher ranking websites checked for out of date information.

Automated Visitor Tracking – The number of visitors to the website will be evaluated to monitor the amount of traffic to the website and how the website was found (external link, search engine, etc.). A monthly report may be submitted to the website owner upon request. Note: this service is not guaranteed.

Usability Monitoring – The site may be reviewed and enhanced for general usability issues such as cross-browser compatibility, accessibility, and relevancy of content, credibility and the placement of information to reach targeted goals. Major changes will not occur without the owner's permission.

Domain Monitoring – The site will be monitored for renewal of domain registration and hosting services and client will be notified when expiration date is 30 days from renewal.
Paid One year contract (1 Pmt.) $ 599 yr. Billed Annually _____
Non-profit with 501c 3 (1 Pmt.) $ 499 yr. Billed Annually _____

* $65 per hour for additional hours (invoiced monthly) - $35 per hour for non-profits (with active 501c 3)

Send mail to webmaster@campo-online.com with questions or comments about this web site.

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