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Online Tips To Keep You Safe


How to Make a STRONG Password

Making a strong password is a good idea for every account you own, whether it's your bank account, your website or your Facebook account. In this article I'm going to explain some ways you can make your passwords stronger, harder to break and less likely to be breached by online hackers.

First and foremost DO NOT use any actual words in your password. In other words, don't use your pet's name, your girlfriends name or any other word that can be found in a dictionary.

How can I possibly remember a bunch of random letters, numbers and symbols, you say? Yes, this is exactly what we're going to do, but you will remember your password after typing it a few times. It's really not that hard.

Let's take a look at your keyboard and think of something that's easy for you to remember. Let's say, your spouses name and the date you were married. It might look like this "MaryAnn2014".

But instead of using these letters and numbers, we're going to type the key that is one up and to the right of the key you would use.

So "M" becomes "K"
"a" becomes "w"
"r" becomes "5"
"y" becomes "7"
"A" becomes "W"
"n" becomes "j"
"n" become "j" or "h" *

When numbers are involved and since there is no key up and to the right, use the key to the right and down.

So, "2" would be "w"
"0" would be "p"
"1" would be "q" and
"4" would be "r"

Here is what your password looks like Kw57Wjjwpqr. In this example I used capitol letters where they appear in the actual name. You will notice that the password has upper case, lower case and numbers. This would be a difficult password to break, but it's easy for you to remember because you know the real words and the method you used to disguise it.

This formula can be changed to one up and to the left, one down and to right or one down to the left, etc.

*You can also change any double letters, like in this example the "nn" in the word "Ann". You could keep up one to the right on the first "n" ("j") and then do one up and to the left ("u") for the second "n". Or you can use the upper case symbols instead of numbers when they are present in your password. This means the "r" in Mary could be "$" instead of a "4". I also sometimes use a "0" for an "o" in a word or the @ symbol for an "A".

Now you try with this one. Your word is: MyPalRoscoe. One Possible New Password: K7-wp50ef04.

This should help you create passwords that are complicated enough that the software used to hack your password probably will not pick this up. Good luck and safe surfing to you all!

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